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Dr. Robin Mathew
Consulting Psychologist
Kerala, South India
Dr. Dhanya George
BHMS. MSc Psychology

Experienced in the Homoeopathic medical management of Psychological and Psychiatric problems
Kerala, South India

Psychology Problems


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Psychology Guide

Stop a while and listen, the whole world seems to be in a headlong rush, ignoring small yet significant problems which may latter render your life miserable.

Meeting a Psychologist

Meeting a psychologist is considered a social taboo in our country "India"; especially in our highly literate state - Kerala in South India. We believe a psychologist or psychiatrist as a person treating patients having nervous break down or exhibiting violent behavior. We fear that we would be labeled mad or crack by others, if we go and meet a psychologist. It is high time we change our false believes. On the contrary nowadays, many day to day problems are easily solved by a psychologist. A psychologist can help you find even minor problems (which you may not realize) which renders your life and your loved ones life miserable.

Psychology Problems

Have you faced any one of these problems in your life?
  • Feeling lost, unwanted, depressed
  • Uncontrollable anger at home or office
  • Repeatedly doing same activity like washing hands
  • Unwanted ,uncontrollable tension, anxiety
  • Fear and constant thoughts of diseases-infectious or chronic like cancer
  • Sleeplessness
  • Fastidiousness- (Very difficult to satisfy)
  • Obsessive thoughts-Recurring thoughts or repetitive behavior
  • Love failure and its long lasting agony
  • Loss of loved once –spouse ,parents children
  • Lack of concentration in studies or work
  • Illogical unreasonable fears
  • Suspiciousness of all people around you-your spouse, colleagues, relatives etc, making your life miserable
  • Mood swings
  • Children having learning problems-Mathematic or other subjects
  • Confusion in choosing the right course or career that suits your
  • Memory problems
  • Fight job stress
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)\
  • Marriage problems
When you are affected with a physical problem, you go and meet a Physician .In the same way when u feel that you need a help for your emotional stress, best way is to meet a Professional Psychologist. This would make your life more meaningful and Productive.

Consult a Psychologist

  • Dr. Dhanya George BHMS. MSc Psychology
    Experienced in the Homoeopathic medical management of Psychological and Psychiatric problems

  • Dr. Robin Mathew
    Experienced Psychologist specialized in Organizational Behavior,
    Psychological Counseling, Career analysis and streamlining behavior problems in children.

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