My Pets
Hai Friends, Here I am introducing my pets, my heart beats. Today we are all in a fast world always in a hurry with no time to spend for our co-beings. But I strongly believe that there are lots of things that we should learn from our fellow beings. Here you can have a few snaps of my favorite pets...
Hai, I am rani. I am sure I am the favorite pet of Jeevan. He loves me very much and I love him too. I often have great time with him. I am very much delighted that he has included my photo in his website. For the past several years we were together and had a nice time.I express my regards and wishes for his new site...
Hello I am ammu. We are an unavoidable part of Jeevan’s family and hence we are sure that we are Jeevan’s favorite. He feeds us and have great care for us. He has great love and affection for us and we love him too. I wish him the very best for his endeavors.
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Vishu Onam thiruvonam 2011

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