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A New Star is born. I am indeed privileged to be a friend of the budding rose of Malayalam film Industry, Kishore Sathya, It also happened that I could design a page like this for him in my personal site and now I feel extremely proud to introduce him before the Malayalee audience. My relationship with Kishor Satya as a friend had its beginning long before the release of his first movie youth festival. But still with the innocent smile remains as he was before, for all those who were close to him. It is evident from his previous film itself that he is a long expected talent in the Malayalam film industry with proven caliber.
Jeevan K Augustin, Kishore Sathya
As far as I know, Kishorsatya is a person with a different character who thinks differently, and what I like most in him is that he is straight forward and have respect for values that he admire.
From the early days of his youth hood itself, the art of acting and stage performance was more or less instinctual for KishoreSatya. He has performed as a model in a number of television commercials. His debut Film Youth Festival, directed by Jose Thomas, was released on 15th October, 2004. It was a triangular love story and Abey Kunjumon, Sidharth, Bhavana and Meenakshi were his co- stars. His second film ‘ThaskaraVeeran’, directed by Pramod Pappan will be released on 27th May 2005. It is indeed a privilege for Kishore to get a major role with established Malayalam film actors Padmashree Bharath Mammootty, evergreen Malayalam film actresses like Sheela and the new sensation Nayan Thara soon after his first film.
Adorning the role of a VJ have anchored a show on Kairali T V, in March 2001, titled ‘Vyaparangalude Maholsavam’, featuring Dubai Shopping Festival and presented the video of Alukkas Fairy Tale, Kunchacko Boban’s first Gulf Show.
Being one of my friends, Kishore satya’s entry in to the film world as a film star has a great significance for me. I would rather compare it with the entry of mega stars like Suresh Gopi and Mohanlal in to Malayalam cinema world, who had their debut role with a negative Character. Through his previous films he has already proven his potential and there is a long way for him to go.
Malayalam Movie Review :: THASKARAVEERAN
Mammootty, Kishore Sathya
Achu, Byon, Kishore Sathya
Taskaraveeran, the new release is a thrilling story and is definitely going to be a super hit movie. The story relates with the hero avenging the death of his grandfather. The role of Kishore in this movie is as one among the 3 Engineering students, Deepu, Ramu and Balu (Kishore Sathya, Achu and Byon). When Baby (Mammootty) reaches the village these three became his gang members and move along with him for accomplishing his mission.

Innocent plays a negative character after a long time after playing a very likable father character to Mammotty in the malayalam cinema ‘Vesham’. This is sure to challenge his acting skills. This is Nayanthara’s first Malayalam film after she became popular as a popular heroine in Tamil combining with Rajanikanth in “Chandramukhi”. She portrays the character of egg- seller Thangamani, a tomboy.

A Scene from Thaskaraveeran Malayalam Movie
Kishore Sathya in Malayalam Film Thaskaraveeran
Bharath Mammotty,  Achu, Kishore sathya, Byon
This film is produced by Vindhyan and Dinan under the banner of Rasika Entertainments. Directed by Pramod Pappan
Thaskaraveeran Mammootty Nayanthara Wallpapers
Mammootty Nayanthara Wallpaper
Nayan thara Wallpaper
Mammootty Nayanthara Wallpaper
Cast and Crew:
Mammootty, Madhu, Nayan Thara, Sheela, Innocent, Rajan P Dev, Salim Kumar, Sidhiq, Sphadikam George, Kunjan, Bheeman Raghu, Kishore Sathya, Niyas,Baburaj, Achu, Byon, Biju Raveendran, T.P.Madhavan, Poornima etc.
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